The Beauty of Colors: Beige

The beige color originates from France, in fact, it is a French term that was used to indicate the color of raw wool, not yet subjected to any treatment and no dyeing. Beige is a warm and light brownish color with a hint of gray inside which gives it a more desaturated look. It is often used as an alternative to white, to make an environment less banal. Even if it is not a bright color, therefore apparently “easier” to manage, it must not be applied without any logical sense but must be thought and measured like all other colors. In general, you should always evaluate the type of furniture and understand if beige is right for you. We will soon see some examples together. 

Chromatic Reference

RGB 213, 186, 152

How to Combine Beige

Beige is a warm and restful color because being a desaturated color it conveys calmness and serenity. Very suitable for living areas with a warm and welcoming mood. In order not to fall into the banal and instead to create a balanced and elegant environment, I suggest you combine beige with black and white furnishings. A comfortable white sofa with a material fabric, combined with elements with more rigid and geometric shapes in dark brown and black, will create a mix of contrasts that will give your environment character and a pinch of refinement.

Do you really love this color so much?

If you really love this color, so much that you want to paint the whole room, then I suggest you not just choose a shade of beige, but instead use a palette with a lighter and a darker beige inside. Finally, add the white that acts as a detachment to neutralize the large backgrounds of beige. 


I bet you also love the boho-chic style, I guessed it? Then add elements that recall this style, such as raw wood and material fabrics such as linen, rope, woven woods or blankets with pronounced textures. Finally, a nice vase with a bunch of Pampas Grass and that’s it!

In this way, you will create shades that are very pleasing to the eye, for relaxing environments. 

Do you have a color to suggest? A color you like a lot, but you don’t know how to match? Write it below in the comments. Who knows the next article could be dedicated to the color you proposed.

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