Summer Decoration Ideas for Both Inside and Outside!

We love summer! Finally spending the whole day outside again, going to the lake or at the seaside for the weekend. Eating too much ice cream, toasting a warm summer evening with friends in the beer garden in the open air and feeling like you’re on vacation at home under the parasol on the terrace! In general, the summer gives every year an occasion to fall in love with your own walls again: because of the many hours of sunshine that illuminate the rooms as bright as never before, the fresh breeze that blows through the open windows and makes the curtains dance and the newly discovered favorite spots in your own garden or on the balcony. Below you will find out how you can make your home even more beautiful in summer: with the most popular ideas for your summer decorations, fresh ones summer flowers, good mood colors and patterns, the most popular home textiles for the summer and of course decoration and furnishing tips for the garden, terrace and balcony.

The most important ingredients for your summer decoration

We prefer to experience summer as airy and light and this should also be reflected in our own interior: reduced furniture supports the summer feeling and leaves room for pretty accents in light and cool colors. Home textiles made of silk, thin cotton or airy linen are perfect for summer decorations. Floral patterns go well with this time of year, as do exotic plant or ethnic prints. In general, nature offers a lot of decorative things in summer: natural motifs from butterflies to birds are popular, and fresh fruit, lemons and berries are great additions to the summer floral decorations made of meadow flowers and the same.

The trend colors of summer

When decorating in summer, the first step should be to choose a color concept. Because of their brightness, pastel colors go particularly well with this time of year and can be combined very well with each other. The play of colors of delicate pink, light yellow and light blue looks cheerful and light and quickly creates a summery look in the living room, for example in the form of new pillowcases.

Strong splashes of color are also popular in summer: a sun-yellow tablecloth or accessories in bright red now shine particularly beautifully and quickly conjure up a good mood. Different shades of blue are also trendy this year. Petrol, azure or turquoise have a calming, refreshing and cool effect – perfect for summer decorations during the heatwave.

The following applies to the color design of the summer decoration: Decide on a color and integrate it into the reduced, light interior in an accentuated manner. For a harmonious overall picture, the favorite colors should be picked up in different places in the room – for example in the form of fresh-cut flowers!

Summer floral decoration

In summer, the variety and color intensity of cut flowers is particularly great. Colorful bouquets of meadow flowers are available cheaply at every market stall and those who have their own garden can pick their own bouquet for their summer decorations. Long-stemmed gladioli or colorful dahlias can also be pruned in the field from July / August.

Other popular summer flowers are gerberas of all colors, bright blue cornflowers, bright yellow sunflowers, carnations and delicate imageries, poppies, and hydrangeas. The latter also thrive in local summer gardens and transform the living room in the open air into a blossoming paradise from June to September.

The following applies to your own summer bouquet: Whatever you like fits together! The variety and the colorful mix in particular are beautiful and look simple in summer. If you like it quieter, you can choose two different types of cut flowers and combine them in a vase. Incidentally, cut flowers also look beautiful when they are vertically decorated: small glass bottles can serve as floating vases when hung, and hanging baskets can also be quickly converted with a waterproof insert. Thanks to their longevity, many summer flowers are also suitable for a flower wreath – great for festive summer decorations!

Popular Materials in Summer: Furnishing and decorating with natural materials

The big trend for summer decoration this year is natural materials such as reclaimed wood, rattan or raffia in the form of chairs, loungers, Phoenix armchairs or baskets. The uneven structures of thicker cane or woven raffia go well with the playful lightness that we love in our homes this summer. In addition, it is reminiscent of the French country house style, the beach furniture in Italy or on tropical islands and exudes a little holiday feeling in your own four walls.

Much of the summer furniture and home accessories can be used both indoors and outdoors, as the natural materials are often weatherproof. Natural textiles such as wrinkled linen, light cotton or even now in summer a cozy fur go well with this. To complete the natural look, it is essential to combine indoor plants. Trendy this summer: tall cacti and jungle plants, arranged in various handmade raffia baskets!

Maritime decoration and boho look for that holiday feeling at home

Many people associate summer with free time and holidays by the sea. But you don’t necessarily have to go on a trip to get a relaxed holiday feeling: you can simply bring it home with the right summer decorations! Maritime decoration in a light, white-blue color palette is therefore always very popular in summer. With seashells, driftwood and white sand from the last trip, you can quickly decorate a nice arrangement in a bowl or on a tray. Makes itself great as a table decoration! Even mobiles from the collection pieces from the beach are to make pretty and yourself.

Exotic summer decoration ideas in a boho look are also very popular. The most important ingredients for this are ethnic patterns from ikat to batik, bright colors and special accessories made of brass or mirror glass. With differently patterned throws and seat cushions, you can set up your favorite summer spot on the terrace or redecorate the sofa accordingly. Oriental silver trays or lanterns create a magical atmosphere and tempt you to relax.

Summer decoration for the balcony and garden

Anyone who has a garden, terrace or balcony can use it as a second living and dining room or even as a kitchen in summer. This open-air living space naturally also needs to be beautifully decorated and in principle, the same rules apply as indoors: Personal items, mementos and holiday souvenirs make the garden or balcony a real place of well-being, various light sources create an atmospheric atmosphere and textiles create a cozy atmosphere. Outdoor carpets can be very beautiful and if you have space for a hammock, you should definitely not miss this form of relaxation! In recent years the garden bed and weatherproof designer chairs have also become more and more popular.

Smaller summer decorations for the garden or balcony are lanterns, lanterns, fairy lights, wind chimes etc. In principle, you can really let off steam in the garden with colors and patterns, but those who prefer a uniform image are best guided by the plants and the color of the flowers in the garden. Incidentally, cut flowers also go very well with summer decorations outside!

Celebrate summer with festive summer decorations for outside and inside

It’s especially nice in summer! In good weather, a barbecue party in the garden is always a good option and birthdays, weddings or other celebrations can be celebrated in the open air. There are beautiful ideas for festive summer decorations for all occasions: fairy lights and natural light from torches or lanterns create an atmospheric atmosphere after sunset and pennant chains, pom poms and honeycomb balls are great tree decorations for the summer party. The garden table also needs to be decorated for summer, of course. This works particularly well with fresh-cut flowers, which are spread over several vases, small placemats and cards. A nice idea is a water infused with berries and mint in large carafes or glass bottles and small bread baskets.

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