4 Tips to Create The Best Small Home Bar for Your Living Room

4 Tips to Create The Best Small Home Bar for Your Living Room

From a real wooded coffee counter to a home bar area, there is only one step. And we prove it to you with these inspired ideas for setting up a refreshment area in the living room or making a small bar yourself at home.

Because sometimes you need a little pick-me-up – always in moderation – Find out how to transform your living room into a small home bar!

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Display your bottles around the house

Christmas gifts, travel souvenirs or vestiges of a recent evening, bottles are piling up everywhere or you do not quite know what to do with them … For lack of cellar or dedicated storage, do not wait any longer and follow our tip: highlight your prettiest bottles of wine and spirits, of course! Whether they are full or already started, they are sure to add a touch of fantasy to your living space. Also, keep in mind that any untapped nook can turn into a booster bar so go hunting down to the smallest square inch.

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Invite your small home bar in a cabinet

Another ready-made solution to enjoy Happy Hour comfortably seated on your sofa? Slide your bottles, glasses, decanters, stainless steel straws, ice tongs, corkscrew, measuring cup and other shakers into a piece of furniture. Whether intended for this purpose, like the trolley, this outdated piece in glass and gilded brass or diverted from its original use, there is no doubt that the result will be there. In the interiors that we have preferred, the bar has found pride of place in the hollow of the shelf, the library as well as the blurred glass display case. What will happen to you?

4 Tips to Create The Best Small Home Bar for Your Living Room
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Invite your bar in a cabinet
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Use the kitchen island as a small home bar

If you had a good idea to opt for an open kitchen, a third option is available to you! And it consists of using the island of the latter as a bar counter, larger than life. On the left, you can admire a wooded niche, dug inside the island to 1 / ventilate it and 2 / store the collection of bottles of the happy owners of the premises. A tip that we owe to the interior designer of Studio Zerck who carefully renovated this beautiful open-plan Parisian apartment. On the right, we have decorated the island with a few high stools and here is the work!

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4 Tips to Create The Best Small Home Bar for Your Living Room

Make your own bar, yes … but how?

Making your bar cabinet is frankly not rocket science and the 1001 photo and video tutorials on the web are there to prove it. Most often in wood, it is also possible to create a bar cabinet in pallets, without fuss. And if you’re not very good with your ten fingers, roam your neighborhood garage sales, looking for an old bar counter, which was just waiting to be updated to serve. again.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation

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