What is Scandinavian Style Home Decoration?

What is Scandinavian Style Home Decoration?

Airy lightness, natural elements, reduced colors and minimalist shapes: Hardly any furnishing style is as appealing as the Scandinavian style of living! How the look is implemented in the kitchen, living room and bedroom and with which colors, materials and accessories the Scandy styles also move into your home.

Scandinavian design’s simple and modern furnishing style is – whether in the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom – more popular than ever before: The soft interior look is subtle and lives from the motto that less is perhaps more.

What is Scandinavian Style Home Decoration?
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Scandinavian style of living – the most important features and tips

The Scandinavian style of living is modern, minimalist, reduced and flexible. Large and sumptuous furniture in this style is searched in vain. Furniture and decoration are placed loosely and in the middle of the room and moved away from the walls. This creates the impression of informality and freedom, everything that is oppressive is eliminated.
With natural materials such as wool, wood or fur, the style looks cozy and inviting. Last but not least, the Scandinavian style of living includes furnishing yourself sustainably and individually.

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Scandinavian living style in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom: Fabrics and materials

In the Scandinavian living style, colorful patterned textiles, graphic patterns such as diamonds, stripes, large dots in black and white or pastel tones or motifs from nature predominate. One of the most famous designers in this field is the Finnish manufacturer Marimekko. The motifs “Kippis” and “Kaiku” are legendary. But illustrated prints of flowers, leaves, twigs and native forest animals are also popular.

Handcraft is also very popular in the Nordic style. Accessories made of leather, cashmere, linen and cotton are particularly popular. Fabrics are just as important for the interior as the use of transparent glass or porcelain with decoration. The Swedish glass manufacturer “Kosta Boda” is just one of many companies that embodies the craftsmanship of the Scandinavians.

Natural materials such as native wood are just as suitable for the design of the Nordic style. Pine, spruce, birch, ash and the tropical wood teak are particularly popular. The visible grain and the holes in the wood set natural accents and convey the typically timeless informality.

Wood-paneled walls made of light wood that has been painted or varnished white and wooden floorboards give the rooms warmth and create the Scandinavian ” hygge ” (coziness). The combination of light wood and white makes the furnishings appear simple and natural.

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Scandinavian living style: Furniture and accessories

The Scandinavians love it practical and straightforward: The Scandinavian furniture should reflect the lightness and shine through the modern, simple design. The most important thing is that form follows function. Fashionable extravagances are out of place in the Scandinavian style of living.

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There is now a multitude of talented Scandinavian designers who are known for their elegant yet simple furniture and accessories. The armchair by Dane Arne Jacobsen, made from natural materials, is one of the typical representatives of Scandinavian furniture. The curved glass vase by Finn Alvar Aalto, whose look is reminiscent of a river, also matches the Scandinavian style of living. Lena Bergström is another representative of clear forms in decorations made of glassTransparent carafes, vases and glasses set elegant accents, while the porcelain usually has more colorful and different patterns and decor comes along and not only creates an eye-catcher on the table but also creates a good atmosphere. The Danish Cecilie Manz is well-known for her linear home accessories, lights and furniture.

Scandinavian living style: Decoration, pictures and lamps

The Scandinavian decoration is characterized by its unobtrusiveness, durability and its practical character. Lamps, candles, lanterns and lanterns are used as light sources that blend harmoniously into the room. On top of that, they also ensure coziness. The leafy suspension lamp Norm 69 by Danish designer Simon Karkov, for example, is popular. It gives every room sufficient light and atmospheric warmth. Coarsely knitted woolen blankets and cushion covers, cuddly soft plaids, hand-dotted carpets and sheepskins made of felt, cotton or linen emphasize the coziness of the stringent style.

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Nature is in the foreground in the Scandinavian style. Whether pictures of fjords, rivers, forests or lakes or accessories with tree or animal motifs; they all find their place. Pine cones or thin branches are ideal for decoration, they convey a feeling of being down to earth. A few delicate meadow flowers in a vase help create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Scandinavian living style: Colors

In addition to white and light natural colors such as sand tones, particularly friendly and warm colors are used in the Nordic style. The furniture is covered with fabrics in delicate pastel tones such as subtle rose or cool blue, anthracite, white or gray. With the light colors, the Scandinavians counteract the long and dark winter and the lack of light. 

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Every now and then, decorative elements in bright colors are used in the design. They form a particularly effective contrast to the otherwise rather simple decoration and the discreet furniture. Bright colors find their place in cushions, sofas, bed linen or carpets. They are particularly effective in front of a beige or white wall.

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