Red Color Decoration

Red Color Decoration: Tips for using and combining red in an interior

A warm color par excellence, red gives off an impression of warmth and will give a lot of dynamism to your decoration. Tips and inspirations for using and combining the color red.

A warm decor around the color red

Red is a warm, lively and energizing hue. It appeals to strong characters, strong and active personalities, and promotes dynamism and sociability. But beware, it can make inactivity hard to bear. Better to use it in rooms where the activity takes precedence over relaxation.

red color decoration

How to use the color red?

Warm colors in general, red in particular, give the impression of a “tight” but welcoming space. Indeed, this color tends to absorb light. So be careful with the use of red in small spaces: it is better to use it only on a section of the wall rather than dressing all the walls in this color. Red is often discouraged in bedrooms and especially in children’s rooms because it is supposed to create aggression and prevent peaceful sleep. It is, therefore, better to use it only in small steps. Feng Shui often advises against the use of red in bedrooms.

It is also known to open the appetite and is often unconsciously chosen for the dining area or the kitchen.

Depending on your interior, the color red can be used in different ways:

  • if you have opted for a clean interior with neutral colors , it will be used in small touches. A red cushion, lampshade or sofa throw will show off beige, twine and different kinds of browns. You can also opt for red curtains which will create a more subdued and warm atmosphere in your interior.
  • The baroque interior is the favorite place of red where it is used in abundance. In a living room, combined with gilding, thick materials such as velvet will be used as curtains, sofa throws, cushions. Gold frames and mirrors look especially good against red.
  • Red is not forgotten in modern interiors and goes perfectly with smooth and shiny materials such as plastic and metal. It will give warmth to design interiors that are often cold.

With what colors to associate red?

  • The complementary color of red is green which you can decline in all shades.
  • For an English-style interior, combine red with blue and bottle green.
  • For a design and modern interior, red is combined with gray and black.
  • For a luxurious interior, bet on mauve and purple.
  • For a child’s room, red will be used in small touches, with blue and yellow.

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