10 Ideas to Implement Modern Farmhouse Style into Your Home

10 Ideas to Implement Modern Farmhouse Style into Your Home

What is modern farmhouse style exactly?

The modern farmhouse style draws its origins from a country and rustic decor reinterpreted up to date. With clean lines and a contemporary touch, the term comes from a type of architecture characterized by a cladding of white planks and slats and a metal gabled roof.

The term has been picked up across the country to refer to a style of interior design that is both contemporary and rustic, yet still easy to maintain. Here are some elements that define the style of the modern farmhouse.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Unlike the traditional style which is darker, the modern farmhouse has a pale color palette consisting mostly of warm whites and neutrals or earthy tones. There is also paneling, wooden beams and even hardwood floors, but which are now painted or whitewashed rather than left in their natural state.

In the kitchen and bathroom, timeless finishes work pretty well. White “Metro” tile backsplashes, wood countertops and white porcelain sinks are essential elements of this modern style. Faucet or hardware fittings and accessories maintain the classic, more rounded style.

Courtesy Ballard Designs

The lighting is often minimalist. Industrial style ceiling lights or chandeliers that were once found in row schools or barns replace the more complex chandeliers.

Modern farmhouse furnishings are often a balanced mix of updated rustic staples. Such as clean-lined white linen sofas and iconic modern leather or metal chairs, and heirloom items. More traditional, such as weathered dining tables and furniture with turned wood legs.

The textiles found there are durable and retain a classic look: think flatwoven or cowhide rugs, patterned bedspreads, woolen blankets and printed fabric blankets.

In terms of decoration, a few wire storage baskets, white porcelain dishes and large quantities of contemporary art pieces are all elements that give a rustic appearance with a modern and current touch. This gives us a distinct blend of contemporary rural architecture, industrial influences and antiques from the traditional farmhouse.

10 Modern Farmhouse Style Ideas to Include

As you can see in decorating magazines and on TV shows, the modern farmhouse style is everywhere. But why is this style so popular?

  • Because of his warm side.
  • It’s more than a question of design.
  • It’s a matter of simplicity.
  • It is not excessive or disproportionate.
  • It is a combination of traditional elements and modern touches.

While there is no clear definition of modern farmhouse or farmhouse style, we’ve put together ten things that can help you recreate this look.

1. Shiplap walls

Courtesy HGTV

If you’ve ever watched episodes of some home improvement shows, more specifically the American show Fixer Upper, you know that this type of jagged wood plank wall is a must-have. It’s the favorite element of Joanna Gaines, star of this show, to dramatically transform an ordinary room.

This distinct look giving the wall a chic and old-fashioned look can easily be replicated at home and relatively inexpensively. There are several guides online that can help you, step by step, recreate it in your home.

2. Wide plank floors


The flooring that you choose in your home will be very important. Especially if you are going for the modern look of a farmhouse. Wide planks, especially for rustic wood floors, will go a long way towards achieving the desired look. Most modern farmhouse styles are distinguished by their large. So open spaces, wider planks will fit the scale of the room much better than if you opted for narrow oak planks or marble tiles.

3. Barn doors inside

Courtesy Dillon Kyle Architecture

Sliding barn doors are no longer just for farm animals. They are now used a lot to bring out interior space. In the modern farmhouse style, these doors are used to separate rooms or define spaces and can also be installed as a wardrobe door, in front of shelves, storage spaces or audio-video devices.

4. Shaker style kitchen cabinets

Courtesy Heidi Caillier Design

Shaker-style cabinets are a great fit for a modern farmhouse kitchen because they are beautifully simple. Painted in white, pale blue or sage green, accompanied by understated hardware, Shaker-style cabinets will bring to the kitchen the touch that will perfectly complement the farmhouse style in the kitchen.

5. Modern farmhouse style kitchen sink

The farmhouse-style sink evokes a time when sinks were used for cooking, preserving and washing toddlers. And, honestly, who doesn’t dream of going back to those days? Me yes anyway. Country-style or farmhouse-style sinks are large and often have an “apron.” They are simple, they are beautiful and, above all, of unsurpassed quality.

6. Metal elements

Courtesy Meadow Blu
Adding accents to your modern farmhouse lets your personality and personal style shine through any space in your home. It can be fun to include metallic accents such as iron, galvanized steel, and wire elements in a way that reflects today’s trends and vintage style. Bed frames, chandeliers, stools, wall art, and even bookshelves are easy ways to arrange these metallic items your way.

7. A mix of rustic and industrial furniture

Source: @vintagewhisperer via Instagram

One of the interests of the farmhouse style is the ability to incorporate a variety of rustic and industrial style accents and furniture into any room. You can have a clean-lined leather sofa paired with soft knit cushions. Or a pale fabric sectional adorned with dark metallic or Berber-inspired cushions. Almost everything goes with the relaxed modern farmhouse style, whatever room you want to decorate.

Remember, however, that in most cases it is better to do more with less.

8. Natural textiles

In a farmhouse-style room, one sees comfortable sofas, well-padded cushions and natural textiles. Distressed wood with a beautiful grain and deep grooves, wall decorations with vintage floral designs, clear glass and imperfect vases, burlap baskets and soft cotton blankets are all elements that capture the essence of the farmhouse.

9. A neutral palette and dark accents

Courtesy Robert Granoff on Houzz

Traditional farms were built quickly and efficiently. The farmers wanted to concentrate on their work and did not have a lot of time and money to devote to their house. Instead of spending on paint and wallpaper, they used natural or whitewashed wood for reasons of cost and speed of application.

To carry on this tradition, modern farmhouse-style homes tend to be white or off-white in color which pairs well with hardwood floors. Feel free to use colors you like, as long as they are in the farmhouse color range. i.e. neutral or light.

10. Animal accents

Courtesy Julie Soefer Photography

Accents and accessories are essential to complete this look, but by no means should you put on too much. A well-placed oversized poster of a farm animal, in pastel or black and white, small wooden animal statues placed next to a plant on a shelf are all popular and acceptable choices for decor in this style. A variety of textures including light-colored furs and wool mixed with metals and woods will add depth to the farmhouse style of your home.

What’s Next?

Now it’s your turn! Take these ten essentials of the modern farmhouse look and have fun! Let your creativity run wild and incorporate new and old touches into every room in your home. Each piece is unique. We suggest you start with the room where you and your family spend the most time so that you can enjoy it as much as possible.

Most people choose to start with their living room or kitchen. Living rooms are simple to set up because you can usually do most of the work yourself. Add light-colored paint, replace standard light fixtures with industrial light fixtures. While you’re at it, cover the wall your fireplace is on.

When you need a little inspiration, browse our website and stock up on ideas with a collection of living room furniture. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life. Let us help you choose furniture that will match the farmhouse style of your home.

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