8 Excellent Modern Coffee Table Trends in 2021

8 Excellent Modern Coffee Table Trends in 2021

The living room is the room where we spend the most time. It is better if it is well organized and well decorated to have a good time and enjoy a beautiful interior decoration. And in addition to the sofa, it is essential to choose your modern coffee table model. What is the coffee table furniture we are talking about right now? Here are the 8 coffee table trends that grab our attention.

The Great Return of Wood

Wood is making a comeback in furniture for 2021! And coffee tables are not spared by the current trend. This natural material comes in many aspects: light or dark colors, associated with other materials, of various shapes (round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular), etc. Wood is suitable for all styles! Impossible not to find a beautiful wooden coffee table that matches your interior design. Ideally, use solid wood for more effectiveness and follow our advice for cleaning a wooden table.

Modern Coffee Table

The Glass Coffee Table

Glass models are currently very trendy, as can be seen from the very fine range of coffee tables available on Maisons du Monde, for example. Forgotten for a few years, they are now highly sought after. Do not hesitate to choose a glass coffee table to lighten a small cluttered space or a small living room. Glass has the particularity of offering an incredible lightness. You will find many models of glass coffee tables: rather rounded, minimalist, with wood or metal, nesting coffee tables, etc.

An Industrial Coffee Table

If the total industrial look in decoration is not as trendy as in previous years, coffee tables in this style, in rather dark wood with metallic parts, are still in fashion. They are found in many interiors, mixed with eclectic decor styles. The advantage of industrial coffee tables is that they blend easily into most interiors! If you have metallic furniture, wood, warm and cozy materials or designer furniture, the industrial style of your coffee table adds a very appreciable vintage touch.

Metallic Coffee Tables

Without being industrial style, the metallic coffee tables are getting our attention this year! Metal may be a cold material, but today it is preferred in interior decoration. Do not hesitate to combine it with warmer materials, to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere. You will find industrial-style metal coffee tables, with golden touches for a more chic spirit, metal or copper nesting coffee tables for a very trendy art deco style!

The Trend for Nesting Coffee Tables

You have surely noticed it, nesting coffee tables are everywhere! What is a nesting coffee table? These are several coffee tables that fit together, which can be stacked one below the other and which can be arranged as desired. It had been a long time since nesting tables had disappeared from the sphere of interior design! Without warning, they are back, more radiant and more stylish than ever, to sublimate and play with the decor of our living room. We twice say yes to nesting coffee tables. We love!

Shapes in Trending: Round, Oval or Triangular

The current trendy shape for a coffee table is round or oval. Whether light or imposing, a coffee table with rounded shapes offers a little retro touch to your interior. You can choose it in your favorite material (wood, metal, glass, concrete, rattan, etc.) and in the colors that you like and that match the decoration of your room. For a daring and truly designer style, you can also turn to a triangular coffee table, to change squares and rectangles. Notice to amateurs!

Modern Coffee Tables in Natural Materials

The trend for natural materials is not weakening. And that’s quite normal! Today we are all aware of the harmful effects of our consumption on the environment. To preserve the environment, or simply because you like natural materials, you can opt for low tables in wicker, rattan, wood or bamboo. This has two advantages: it is a responsible approach and it is very trendy! So why deny it?

A Design and Minimalist Coffee Table

The Scandinavian style is still relevant in interior decoration. But beware, there is competition! If you want to try other styles of decor, to vary a little, know that the design style and minimalism are in fashion. Coffee tables that have clean lines, no superfluous details, with discreet legs and crafted in light materials, such as glass, ceramic or fine metal pieces, can redefine and style your living room in the blink of an eye.
Want to change your coffee table? With these 8 trends that caught our attention, you can make your choice to find the ideal coffee table that will embellish your living room.

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