15 Brilliant Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Cozier

15 Brilliant Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

Your bedroom should be the coziest part of your home – after all, you spend a third of the day in it! Here are 15 tricks on how you can make your bedroom even more comfortable.

We consume about a third of our day at the job. 2nd third of the day is spent meeting friends, movies, gaming, shopping etc. We spend the last third in the bedroom.

It is, therefore, the most important room in our home. Here we replenish our energy reserves. Here we dream. This is the place where we have the most informal discussions with our companions.

All very good reasons why we should deliberately furnish the bedroom with a cozy feel! This is the place where happiness is mandatory, a refuge from all stress. A little peaceful world in itself.

1. Make your bedroom cozy with candlelight

Flickering fire generates a feeling of retreat and affection in us. Ideal for making a room look cozy. It would be more amusing if a few candles spread throughout the room.


Whether individual tea lights, thick candles or floating candles – the market offers a multitude of possibilities to put your bedroom in the right light.

2. Make your bedroom more comfortable with a sitting area

A small table and chair with a cushioned seat by the window (or in a corner) immediately makes the room appear more inviting. If you have enough space, you can also leave a small couch in the bedroom. Every seat makes a room cozy (also applies to large corridors!).


3. Make the bedroom more engaging by shelving over the bed

A wooden shelf over the bed makes the sleeping area much more homely. You can decorate with candles or photos of your loved ones or plant stand. We can place bed lamps or books on it.

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The shelf creates a contrast to the wall and makes the room look more intimate. Small beautifying pillows can also be placed on the shelf for additive aesthetics.

4. Make the bedroom more comfortable with pictures

Photos on walls make every room look more peaceful and invite you to endure. If you want to get satisfactory, the bolder the frame, the more intimate! If it fits into the interior, warm materials are welcome. Picture frames made of wood or frames wrapped in fabric radiate comfort.

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If you don’t like photos with frames, you can alternatively make a photo wall without frames. To do this, hang (or glue) the selected photos very close to each other so that they give the appearance of wallpaper. Voilà, the bedroom radiates personality – and the photos may motivate you to pursue your dream.

5. Make the bedroom more comfortable with plants

Adding fresh flowers to a bedroom is an easy and right way to make it feel homey. Plants bring life into every home and give the impression of peaceful nature.

Whether a chic bouquet (according to the motto: gifts for myself ) in a ceramic vase or a green plant – whatever you like is allowed. Green plants find their place in a Zen room. Species such as Golden Scindapsus, aloe vera or even ivy are particularly suited to this room in the house. Choose depolluting plants, which help to purify the air.

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6. Make the bedroom comfier with cozy blankets and cushions

There are some things in life that you can’t get enough of. In addition to happiness, it should also include blankets! They are fluffy, pliable, full. An indisputable must-have for a comfortable room.

And have you decided where to put those? No question – wherever you want! I could be on armchairs, shelves, or on the bed itself. feel free to use your imagination!

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By the way: pillows also serve this purpose. Covers made of wool, cotton or fleece visually generate warmth and a cozy look. Where silk and linen have a cooling effect.

7. Make bedrooms cozy with the correct light

Warm light lets us relax and conveys comfort. Ideally, lamps with fabric shades are used – whether on the ceiling, wall or bedside table.

Bright neon light, on the other hand, has to stay outside! Cold light is very stimulating and keeps you awake so it’s not good for your sleep.

Tip: The color of the wall also makes a big difference. If you paint a wall with a warm color (for example with natural colors such as honey, sand, caramel or ivory), the room will be a lot cozy.

8. Make bedrooms cozy with the right curtains

Curtains and drapes make a room cozy when they reach from the ceiling to the floor.

The latter applies to the fabrics. It shouldn’t be so thick that they make the room appear dim, but also not so thin that you can look into the room from the outside.

The duo of curtains and drapes is an excellent way to let in light or to cut off yourself from the outside world.

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9. Make the bedroom cozy with a fluffy rug

The thicker the carpet, the cozy it looks (and by the way it feels like that when you stroll over it barefoot). If you have sufficient space in your room, you can also mix and match different rugs to make it even better, e.g. a flokati on the bed and a deep-pile carpet in front of the wardrobe.

White Fluffy Rug By IKEA

The most practical thing is to put the rug next to the bed. Who wants to be the first to stand on the cold ground in the morning ?!

10. Make bedrooms more comfortable with filled corners

Empty corners look and feel… empty after all. They should be avoided. It works best with a chic sculpture, a tall palm tree or a corner shelf.

 A nicely decorated corner looks much more gentle. Small corner shelves can be decorated with personal mementos or family photos. Books turn any shelf into a little sanctuary of well-being.

11. Make the bedroom look and feel cozy with a stall at the foot of the bed

If you don’t want to put a headboard or shelf behind the bed (see point 3), you can also put a bench or chest at the foot of the bed. It rounds off the facility and can also be used as a storage space.

Of course, you can also decorate it with pillows or blankets – this way it becomes an eye-catcher!

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12. Make bedrooms cozy with the right bedding

Not all bed linen is created equal. The materials can decide whether the whole room looks poor or icy.

Bed linen is provided for a cozy bedroom

  • Cotton
  • Beaver
  • Terrycloth
  • Flannel
  • Seersucker (suitable for summer)

On the other hand, percale, silk, satin and jersey leave a cool impression.

If you do not want to exchange your entire range of bed linen, you can use bedspreads. As with bed linen, the more joyous the colors, the better! Patterns also work: Checks, for example, have a very homely effect.

13. Make bedroom cozy with fairy lights

During the Christmas season, it will be nice and cozy in the apartments. Not entirely innocent of this are the fairy lights, which have long since not only decorated Christmas trees but also shelves or walls.

The dim light from the small lamps creates a hygge-like – and definitely romantic – atmosphere in the bedroom.

When choosing the color, please make sure that the light does not appear too cool (see point 7).

14. Make bedrooms more comfortable with a four-poster bed

Haven’t we all dreamed of a four-poster bed? It doesn’t have to be a luxury item right away. A wonderful four-poster bed can be conjured up with large towels, old sheets or simple insect protection nets!

Tip: In combination with fairy lamps, some translucent fabrics on the wall or ceiling work pretty well!

Photo By Inside Out
Photo By Kateryna Senko

15. Make your bedroom feel cozy with colorful highlights

Whether a subtle coat of paint (such as a strip of color on the wall), colorful curtains, bright decorative pillows or ornate boxes under the bed: nuances of color not only decorate the bedroom but also make it appear cozy.

The advantage of ornate boxes: They offer enough storage space for bits and also an eye-catcher!

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