living in the boho style

Boho: This is how the slightly different furnishing style succeeds

Everything can, nothing is required, hardly any other style of living is as individual and leaves as much scope for design as the boho style. As the epitome of casualness, the style not only inspires with its unconventional, casual look. The mix of bright colors, diverse patterns and selected furniture is bursting with creative energy.

Live like free spirits: How is the Boho Style defined?

Different, not good! The boho furnishings style stands for unconventional interior design beyond the mainstream. He is individual, cheerful, creative and often combines a wide variety of styles. Hippie meets ethnic and folklore, natural materials meet bright colors, oriental patterns meet shiny surfaces. It is not difficult to see that the furnishings in the casual Boho style do not follow any rules, but rather the motto “what is allowed is allowed”.

living in the boho style

Furniture and accessories are made from natural materials such as Wood, Rattan, leather as well as wool or linen combined with warm Earth tones like sand, brown, beige, olive or terracotta. Lively nuances such as yellow, Bordeaux, violet or turquoise are added as splashes of color to the muted tones in the background. The look becomes unique through bizarre flea market finds exotic travel souvenirs, rare heirlooms, homemade, unusual one-offs. But the mix of old and new also makes the style so special.

The most important feature: The boho-chic apartment always has the charm of the imperfect and the accidental rather than appearing planned and styled. Here the individual personality is lived out, individuality is shown and the story is told. So souvenirs and mementos that reflect special moments should not be missing.

Decoration and home textiles define the trend

Everything that makes the ambiance cozy and comfortable is used abundantly: cushions and carpets with fringes and ethnic patterns, macrame, Tapestries and Dream catcher, cozy plaids and blankets in batik, patchwork or quilt design transform the apartment into a true boho dream.

Where does the boho style come from?

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The term “boho” is derived from the French word “bohème” and describes the subcultural movement of intellectual free spirits from the artist and intellectual scene of the nineteenth century. Writers, painters and musicians came together with their casual way of life in Paris to set themselves apart from the bourgeois bourgeoisie. The expression was derived from Roma from Bohemia. The Gypsies inspired the Bohemians by pulling vagabonds across the country in colorful wagons and causing a sensation with their unruly, free way of life.

The lifestyle of the bohemians, striving for individuality, was characterized by variety and complexity, which – to clearly distinguish itself from the bourgeoisie – was also reflected optically in clothing and furnishings. When the boho style moved into interiors, it followed the same ideals and created an environment that blended everything available to create a style that didn’t follow any rules. The focus was on the urge for creative freedom. 

With the flower power movement in the 1960s, the bohemian style experienced a renaissance in an even more casual form, which was also known as “hippie chic”. In the early 2000s, the boho style celebrated a new comeback in the fashion world, mainly through style icons such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, which was also found in interior design a short time later and is still there today.

How do you set up in a boho style?

“Mix and Match” is the magic formula for the perfect boho look. The style loves everything that tells a story. Regardless of whether shabby, Vintage, antique or second-hand, depending on your mood, different styles and eras are mixed with various ethnic elements. Because those who set up in the Boho style love collecting rare furniture and decorative treasures, rummaging in flea markets or adventuring in distant countries. The main thing is that the look is individual and unique! Old furniture can be repainted, modified or refurbished by hand. While large, practical pieces of furniture tend to be chosen in a simple form, the Boho style is mainly defined by the numerous accessories and decorative elements. And even if the style doesn’t follow any rules, some characteristics define the look. 

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Trendsetter: These must-haves make the boho style perfect

  • Natural materials and colors: main actors made of wood, basket, raffia andrattangive structure to the style. Cotton, leather and linen support the color scheme from brown to yellow to ocher and terracotta. Macrame decorations and homemade dream catchers are typical.
  • Vintage furniture: the real beauty of the boho style unfolds in the ability to skillfully mix antiques, heirlooms or flea market finds.
  • Patterns: Whether pillows, carpets or wall hangings, patterns are an essential part of the Boho style, they add liveliness and prevent rooms from becoming monotonous. Moroccan or Aztec patterns in an ethnic look are particularly popular.
  • Carpets: Whether on the wall or on the floor, Kelim, Beni Ourain or Persian are mostly fluffy and often patterned. Patchwork carpets also complement the style perfectly.
  • Textiles: Generously draped pillows in all imaginable patterns add to the cosiness and are a good start to approach a bohemian style facility. In addition, lace and crochet curtains embellish the windows. Patchwork plaids, batik blankets, knitted throws and colorful quilts as well as poufs covered with fabric round off the sofa corner.
  • Plants: palms,Succulents & Co. are used to promote the natural ambience and add some green to the earthy color palette.

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