install your Christmas tree

When can you install your Christmas tree and decorations?

Storefronts are already decorated in Christmas colors, but is it too early to erect your tree? We have the answer!

The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching. As the kids looked forward to celebrating Halloween, garlands and other Christmas decorations were already hitting store shelves. While some are already getting down to buying gifts to avoid the crowds, others are wondering when is the best time to install their tree, natural or artificial, in their living room …

install your Christmas tree

When should you install your Christmas tree? 

According to Christian tradition, the tree should be erected at the beginning of Advent, namely the fourth Sunday before Christmas, that is to say, Saturday, November 27. It must then be removed on January 6, Epiphany day or the Galette des Rois for the most greedy. While Orthodox custom dictates that the tree be laid on Saint Nicholas’ Day, December 6, an 18th-century English tradition consists of decorating your tree 12 days before Christmas, i.e. December 13.

No matter when you install your tree, the important thing is to have fun and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas. In short, if you want to decorate your living room from November, you have the right. Moreover, according to a study by British psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, decorating your house in advance with Christmas colors would have a positive impact on the well-being of individuals. “The decorations are simply an anchor to the old childhood emotions and the feeling of excitement. Putting up your Christmas decorations as soon as possible therefore prolongs the excitement, ” he told Unilad.

And for the little anecdote: Christmas films land on TF1 from November 1st. Here is a perfect excuse if you can’t wait to get your Christmas balls out!

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