How to Decorate Your Industrial Style Living Room

The industrial style, which exudes a bitter charm with its distinctive features, is no longer entirely new but is still popular. Not everyone lives in an industrial area that has been converted into an apartment. But the industrial look can be brought into your own premises with just a few details. You can find out here how the industrial style actually came about and what you can do to bring this style of living to live in your home.

Industrial style: its origin and distribution

The industrial style originally emerged in the course of the discovery of old factories as living spaces. It began in England and the United States in the 1940s, manifested in New York in the 1960s, and then spilled over to Germany in the 1980s and 1990s.
After the reunification, many industrial plants were empty, especially in the new federal states. They were gradually used by artists as studios and later expanded into stylish studio apartments or concrete lofts at that time, bare brick walls and exposed pipes were an alternative to the clean design of those years. Today this is no longer primarily perceived as revolutionary, but it is played quite freely and freely with the design elements in the industrial style.
Real estate owners also discovered the hip hype very quickly and took advantage of it to create a trendy living space with a special flair. The industrial style quickly spread as a popular living room look that, among other things, stands for bizarre naturalness.

Industrial look: its features and looks

As its name suggests, the industrial look comes from the premises of old factories and industrial plants and is of course also presented in this typical outfit. The desired factory charm includes the preservation of imperfections in connection with coarse materials, including steel and wood, for example. Unfinished, worn or rough surfaces are good ones to consider. Rusty metal on supports or furniture also underlines the charisma that defines the industrial look.

How to Decorate Your Living Room in an Industrial Style, 2021 Edition
The philosophy behind the industrial style is that of the recovery and therefore of the enhancement of spaces and elements that are no longer in use. For example, if you are struggling with the renovation of an old factory, pay attention to all the vintage details you have available and design your living room perhaps enhancing the old piping systems, which will become a decorative element of the ceiling, and of course, the suggestive and large windows that will allow natural light to penetrate in abundance.

Flaking paint and a lot of patina are also features that can be found in industrial style. A certain relationship to the popular shabby chic can be found here cannot be denied, but in contrast to the austere beauty of the industrial look, it radiates a more feminine and playful-romantic style. However, the industrial style can be assigned much closer to the popular vintage style.
The pure industrial style is primarily located in areas in which work is actually carried out – as is the case, for example, in artist workshops. In pure living spaces, it is rather individual decorative elements in an industrial look that contrast with the rest of the living space design or create a creative atmosphere at the work table.

Stylish ingredients for industrial style living room decoration

After the discovery of old factories as living spaces and the training for a living style, the interest in authentic industrial decoration emerged. Some systems have been proven and are proving to be real treasure troves. For example, old dials, gears or letters from old advertising signs as well as old tin signs and chairs with rusty chair legs are extremely sought-after decorative objects. Work lamps, filing systems, fans, metal shelves, lockers and filing cabinets from disused factories are decorative contemporary witnesses that underline the industrial style.
The trend to put old chairs from schools or discarded gymnastics equipment in the living room or bedroom ultimately also goes back to the industrial look. These can not only serve as decoration but can also be used for beneficial purposes. Under certain circumstances, an old horizontal bar turns out to be perfect as a clothes rail or a low springbok as a comfortable stool.

How to Decorate Your Living Room in an Industrial Style, 2021 Edition
To furnish an industrial-style living room you will need to be inspired by the elements present in the old factories, the walls can therefore be characterized by the presence of exposed bricks or made of concrete, also perfect for floors. The important thing is to choose coatings and shades with a vintage flavor capable of giving character and uniqueness to the environment.

Of course, you can also buy new industrial decorations. In stores, you will find a huge selection of industrial design items. The industrial lamp, which is available as a wall lamp, table lamp or pendant lamp, is widespread.
Extra tip: If you managed to get hold of an old lampshade, you can convert it into an industrial-style pendant lamp with a new socket and cable. This stylish industrial decoration looks particularly pretty above the dining area or a work island in the kitchen.

Make your own colors and furniture in an industrial style living room

The predominant colors in the industrial style are muted and earthy tones, which are reflected in the furniture and wall designs. You are on the right line with shades of brown, rusty reds, concrete colors in gray and muted orange. The combination of pastel tones is allowed, which gives the ambiance a pleasant freshness.
If you want to make furniture yourself with an industrial look and use it selectively in your living concept, this is also possible with objects that do not come from an old factory hall. Because, understandably, not everyone has the opportunity to get to old factory furniture. An example is an old garden bench made of wood or metal, which you can prepare as an extravagant seat. The overlay of pillows ensures comfort.
You should only smooth out rusty metal areas with a little sandpaper and then cover them with clear varnish. You also only roughly remove splinters from weathered or cracked wood but otherwise leave the surface untreated. When it comes to the industrial look of the furniture, it mustn’t have perfect surfaces. Traces of weather are part of the desired age patina. However, you should not use wood that is moldy or infested with insects.

How to Decorate Your Living Room in an Industrial Style, 2021 Edition
As already mentioned, what characterizes an industrial-style living room and more generally home based on it, is the attention to detail and the many furnishing accessories: the chandeliers can, for example, be inspired by old lanterns or hang from the ceiling. fixed to a steel chain, reproducing the shape of the first light bulbs or once again the appearance of pipes and work tools.

You can also build other pieces of furniture yourself from old wood or metal rods such as a bed frame or a coffee table. Due to its intentionally unfinished mode of action, the industrial style enables you to create limitless design ideas and even does the modern upcycling justice absolutely.

Did you like the tips and living ideas for the industrial look? And would you like more inspiration from real surroundings? You can take a look at the picture gallery below. The numerous pictures of the industrial style will stimulate your creativity. It will also give you further ideas for your individual industrial decoration!

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