Industrial Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom: Decoration for a Loft-Style Sleeping Area

A mix of raw materials and factory furniture, the industrial style draws its inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s in the United States. Particularly suitable for the beautiful volumes found in Brooklyn lofts, it has been investing in Haussmann apartments and country houses for several years. All rooms are entitled to their industrial decor, even the bedroom!

No, industrial decor is not just reserved for the kitchen or the living room. The sleeping area can also be adorned with this sober and minimalist atmosphere, were raw wood mixes with aged metal, patinated leather, in dark and felted colors.

How to make an industrial bedroom decoration?

If the brick wall reigns supreme in industrial decor, it is not always easy to have such a partition in your bedroom. No question of embarking on masonry, especially since the facing must look old, worn. The best option is therefore to turn to an imitation old brick wallpaper – in shades of reds and browns – or white painted bricks. To be placed at the head of the bed for example. Avoid the total look so as not to suffocate the room. You can paint the other three walls in neutral shades ranging from beige, ice brown to gray. The idea is that the color looks faded.

industrial bedroom decoration

What floor in the industrial room?

The industrial spirit must give an impression of lived experience. It is, therefore, necessary not to have an impeccable floor covering. For this, it is advisable to keep a dark-aged parquet – especially not blond or bleached, which is more reminiscent of the Scandinavian style. Very trendy also, the waxed concrete gives a factory atmosphere to the place. You can also choose concrete or wood imitation PVC tiles. Another alternative for a more cozy bedroom: a thick shaggy-style rug. Whatever floor you choose, choose dark tones (anthracite gray or chocolate) to mark the industrial side and warm the room.

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Vintage industrial bedroom

DIY and second-hand have never been more useful than to achieve an industrial decoration on the bedroom side. Why not create a pallet headboard and bedside tables on casters by diverting old wooden crates (wine crates, apple crates, etc.).

On the dressing side, bet on metal lockers and changing rooms. One or two large leather trunks can also serve as storage for bed linen (cotton or washed linen, preferably a little crumpled, in neutral colors). They are placed at the end of the bed to complete the sleeping area.

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Indispensable: The aged leather armchair. Club or Chesterfield model, we like it in its own juice, comfortable, inviting to read or dedicated to your cat’s naps!

A few shelves in wooden or metal planks allow you to dress the walls and place some vintage objects. A large window or glass-style mirror, placed on the floor, will bring depth to the room.

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For the light, a wooden suspension adorned with several filament bulbs serves as the main lighting. As for the table lamps, they come directly from the factory, with the famous articulated model that is fixed on the nightstands or on the corner of the desk – composed of a black painted wooden worktop, placed on trestles.

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