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Feng Shui in the Living Room: Tips for Furnishing

If you want to furnish your living room with Feng Shui, you should consider a few things! We’ll give you an overview and tips for designing.

What is Feng Shui all about?

Feng Shui means “wind and water”, which is an old Chinese theory of harmony. The focus is on Chi: the life energy. And this should be able to flow undisturbed, even in your own home! If certain rules are adhered to in the living space, this should positively affect our well-being. But: It is difficult to apply Feng Shui to all apartments in general, it is too complex and every living space is designed differently.

10 Feng Shui Living Room Tips to Bring Good Vibes Home

We give you an overview of the possibilities for Feng Shui in the living room here. With Feng Shui you can strengthen certain areas in your life, a certain scheme from Feng Shui will help you.

Feng Shui in the living room – Bagua

For the Feng Shui-compliant furnishing of the living room, it is best to use the Bagua as a guide. This scheme is divided into eight areas of life around the field of Tai Chi, these areas of life are in turn related to the living areas.

The focus is on Tai Chi, which stands for health and balance. If you want to strengthen one of the areas of life, you should pay attention to a few things.

You can transfer the Bagua card to your living room floor plan:

  1. Windows, doors and furniture must also be drawn on your floor plan.
  2. You calculate the center of the room, so that’s where the Tai Chi goes, the lower area (career, life path) is at the entrance door.
  3. Now you can draw in the individual areas of life.

In this example, Bagua was transferred to the floor plan of an entire apartment:

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Feng Shui living room – The individual areas

This is how you can strengthen the respective area in your life:

  • Tai Chi: For this area of ​​life, i.e. the middle, you should leave the living area free as possible, because this is where the life energy flows together.
  • Wealth: This area stands for finances, but also the wealth of experiences and experiences! Reach for green or red tones here. Pieces that remind you of beautiful experiences are also welcome here: letters, vacation photos, etc.
  • Fame: This does not mean the degree of popularity, it is much more about charisma and how you are perceived by others. Here you should focus on light and use everything that brings brightness and clarity in this area.  
  • Marriage and relationships: Yellow, white and pink are matching tones for this zone. A table is a good place to eat, gather and cultivate relationships.
  • Family: Here you can hang up family photos, but also set up plants and install friendly lights. Blue and green tones fit into this field.
  • Children: Life, creativity and imagination fall into this area. The desk could be here, for example.
  • Knowledge: This is not about general knowledge, but about inner knowledge – reliability and consistency also play a role. Books are here e.g. B. correct and the color red activates this area. It doesn’t have to be a red wall, accents such as B. a carpet do it!
  • Career: Bright, clear and broad, ideally combined with the color blue.
  • Friends: Colors like white, black or silver go well here. This area, which stands for supportive influences, should be designed to be inviting. You can also hang up beautiful pictures, install friendly lights or set up flowers.

A few more tips for Feng Shui in the living room: The sofa should definitely be against a wall and not in the middle of the room. In this way, you create an atmosphere of security and your gaze falls into the room. And you don’t have to paint every corner of your room a different color, just concentrate on the areas of life that are important to you. 

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