19 Fantastic Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas for 2021

19 Fantastic Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas for 2021

The decoration of the dining room wall gives personality to the environment and also defines it visually. In interior design, each space must be connected while maintaining its decorative essence. Hence, each of the elements that make up a space is relevant. In the case of the dining room, the table and chairs already give identity to the area but it is the walls that complement the style and define it. We are going to see ideas to know how to decorate the dining room wall. 

The wall decoration of the dining room. Get these 19 ideas right!

1. Use wallpaper to cover one or two walls. Wallpaper the fronts from floor to ceiling, either one or two, if they are contiguous (L-shaped walls).

PHOTO: Matthew Williamson; DESIGN: Studio DB

2. You can also decorate the dining room with two different wallpapers, one on each wall. To do this, you must choose the same model in two shades or those designs that play with the positive and the negative (dark in the background and light in the pattern and vice versa).

3. A strip on paper. This idea is for those who do not dare with an eye-catching wallpaper on an entire wall. Create a floor-to-ceiling strip (you can even extend it across the ceiling) that is slightly less than the length of the dining table. The verticality of the star element in the wall decoration will make the ceiling visually separate from the floor. You will gain height!

4. Make a skirting board, wainscot, or wainscot on the dining room wall. In addition to aesthetics, this solution is very practical since it protects the wall from marks, stains, and scratches. This way you will avoid small bumps caused by the backs of the dining room chairs or stains of the smallest of the house (those that threaten the wall with their dirty little hands after eating).

Image Courtesy: haro.co.nz

5. Use the paint to your advantage in decorating the dining room wall. Paint the entire front in the same color from floor to ceiling, one that adds depth and personalization. It may be the only wall in a more intense tone than the rest of the walls in the space. This will help delimit the environment.

6. Dare with some original and creative ideas made with paint to decorate the dining room wall. Play with two tones, one at the bottom and one at the top; use a stencil to decorate and create a motif on the wall; with the help of painter’s tape, create geometric figures …

7. Decorate the dining room wall with vinyl. It is very easy to install them (its operation is like that of a sticker: remove the protective paper from the adhesive and stick). There are large designs and others made up of several smaller pieces. Depending on the color of the wall, choose a vinyl of one tone or another to contrast and look good.

8. Pictures and pictures as decoration for the dining room. There are as many options here as you can imagine. You can group a couple or three sheets in a linear composition or “mess them up.” And so with as many frames as you imagine. Combine sizes, shapes, finishes and materials. The more varied the composition, the more striking the result will be.


But it is also effective to opt for a simple (almost minimalist) way of hanging the pictures in a grid with simple frames in the same color.

9. MirrorsThey are elegant and also multiply the light and the meters of the space! So to decorate a wall in a small dining room they will be perfect for you. Choose a single mirror or combine several of the original frames. Ideally, the composition should occupy at least the length of the dining table.

How to decorate the dining room wall in 2021
Image Courtesy: leclairdecor.com

10. Decorate with clocksA large watch in maxi size or several smaller ones. Even a design that was seen in old train stations protrudes from the wall perpendicular to it.

11. Make a collage on the dining room wall. How? Well, merging some of the ideas that we have already presented to you. Choose a nice mirror, a couple of paintings, a clock and some decorative objects that you love and show them all on the wall in a varied composition that will be very attractive and personal.

12. Sconces on the wall. It is another way of decorating the living room wall, with extendable arm sconces oriented towards the dining table or that create a suggestive play of light and shadow to enhance a decorative element hanging on the wall.

Image Courtesy: Heather Vaughan Design

13. Wooden slats. This decoration idea is very warm as well as insulating (a fact to take into account if you want to achieve greater insulation in the dining room both in temperature and sound). Install slats vertically from floor to ceiling or even extend them to the ceiling.

14. Vinyl siding. It is so versatile and effective that we never tire of reminding you that you can also use it on walls. Decorate the dining room wall with a plank or tile design that you like. Imitation cement, wood, hydraulic tile …

15. Plants. What do you think of this idea to decorate the dining room wall? It is about creating a vertical garden with natural or artificial plants; a kind of framed vegetable painting; distribute them on the wall supported by small shelves, cubic shelves or flowerpots …

Image Courtesy: gardenista.com

16. Hang a nice fiber rug on the dining room wall and decorate with it.  

17. Platters or platesChoose the pieces of tableware that you like the most. Find original shapes and artistic patterns and use them to decorate the wall. Imagine how these fountains would look on a wall …

18. With shelves on which to support different decorative objects. 

Image Courtesy: riadtile.com
19. Decorate the dining room wall with some pretty curtains. If the table and chairs are in a corner, in a small space, one wall may be occupied by the window and in the other, you have an auxiliary piece of furniture -to organize kitchenware-. Then the window curtains will be the element that will allow you to decorate especially. Choose a nice design that is color-coordinated with space (for example, here the green coordinates with the tone of the sideboard).

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