desk shouldn't be in front of the window

Why your desk shouldn’t be in front of the window?

Where is the desk best, where is it worst? With this placement, your eyes are protected as much as possible.

A catch when working in the home office: unlike in the office, the study (or the corner of the bedroom, in which one now spends many hours due to lack of space) is not set up by experts. And only they know exactly what needs to be considered in order to create a pleasant, healthy and productive working atmosphere. 

desk in front of window

What to do with the desk

A central theme is the placement of the desk. Where should it be so that you feel comfortable and your eyes are not overstrained? When choosing a seat, you should above all ensure that the lighting conditions are as good as possible. Therefore you should place your desk as close as possible to a window . However, there are a few things to keep in mind.


  • The worst thing to do is to sit with your back to the window, as this will cause annoying reflections on the computer screen. They reduce legibility so that the eyes have to work hard and tire quickly. In the worst case, this can lead to a headache. And when the sun shines directly on the screen, it is often impossible to see anything.
  • The popular variant of placing the desk in front of the window so that you can look out also has its pitfalls. When the sun shines into the room, you are blinded from the front and can’t see anything on the screen. There is also the risk of being distracted by what is happening outside, or of dreaming too often when looking at the blue sky …


  • Experts advise: You should neither sit frontally nor with your back to the window, but at a 90-degree angle . This is ideal because the light from the window falls on the side of the desk. So you benefit from the pleasant daylight without having to live with annoying reflections.
  • Right-handers should position the table so that the light comes from the left, for left-handers it should come from the right. This prevents the annoying shadow cast by your own hand on the paper while writing .
  • According to the Feng Shui doctrine, it also makes sense to set up the workplace so that you do not sit with your back to the door . Immediately perceiving people entering and being able to overlook the room at any time contributes to a calm working atmosphere. The look into the familiar space ensures relaxation, and the distractions should also be limited.

We wish you happy work!


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