Decorate your living room like a pro in 2021

The living room is the room where we like to relax and meet up with family or friends. Hence the importance of feeling good there. Here are a few tips for arranging it like a decorating pro.

Because the living room is often the heart of the house where the whole family gets together, its arrangement should not be done lightly. We will then focus on an arrangement that strikes a balance between comfort, user-friendliness and practicality. Need advice and inspiration to create the salon of your dreams? You can find all our ideas here, as well as some tips in pictures to set up your living room like a pro!

Multiply the bases

First tip: multiply the seats. Space is thus occupied without the majority of the furniture being stuck to the wall. You might as well take the opportunity to mix styles and create your own decoration. As long as you combine the colors to keep a certain consistency.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Use the corners

Sometimes it is difficult to take advantage of a particular room configuration. Here, the owners had a good idea to place the chairs and shelves under the stairs. Exploiting every nook and cranny often saves space.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Delimit the space with frames

The frame walls are very decorative and they have double use. In a small apartment, studio type, they can be used to delimit the living area from the rest of the main room. And with style!

Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Declutter the floor

The TV cabinet is a key part of the living room. You might as well choose it! In this photo, it hangs from the wall. Thus, it clears the floor for an accentuated feeling of space.

The Frame Living System, Otway Coffee Table, Johanna Ottoman and Glenaire Swivel Chairs.

Playing with symmetry

When you mix several types of seats (sofa, ottoman, armchair), the symmetry can give a lovely effect. Like there, where even the low tables play the game for an orderly but welcoming cocooning corner.

© Elodie Rothan

Use half-height partitions

To separate the living room from the rest of the space, screens or bookcases can be used. Even more efficient (and decorative) is the low or half height partition. Here is a palisade version, it also serves as a backrest for the bench.

© Elodie Rothan

Play with the proportions of the room

The best layout is one that deals with the so-called small flaws in a room. Is your living room long? Take the opportunity to install a sofa that is also very elongated. Thus the depth of the room becomes an asset.

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

Install a custom TV cabinet

In this house, the library hugs the built-in fireplace and serves as both storage and decoration. We can be inspired by it to imagine a custom TV cabinet in his living room. Or to nicely frame an old, not very aesthetic fireplace.

© Elodie Rothan

Enlarge the room with a white sofa

A white sofa against a white wall, that offers no contrast. Certainly. But this immaculate alliance creates an effect of space and emphasizes other elements of the room. As here, the table and other two single sofas.

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Divert outdoor furniture

Finding the perfect sofa is no easy task. The owners of this living room have chosen outdoor furniture. Why are we copying? For ease of maintenance and originality. More generally, it should be kept in mind that furniture and objects can have several uses.

© Elodie Rothan

And why not install a corner sofa?

The corner sofa has it all. It’s big, comfortable, and it occupies space intelligently. Having a lamp behind it, taking it off the wall as here, helps to reduce its appearance, which is a little too massive.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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