What are the colors to choose for your home in 2021

What are the colors to choose for your home in 2021

Like at the start of the year, new trends in the house are eagerly awaited, starting with colors. So, with what colors to dress our interiors so that they are the most harmonious and the most fashionable in 2021?


Last December, the Pantone company unveiled the colors that will make 2021. This year, there was not one color, but two colors. Among them, we find yellow. More precisely, the color in the spotlight is the so-called luminous yellow “illuminating”. In your interior, this luminous yellow can cover the walls of your living room to bring as much energy as possible or be concealed by small touches, on an armchair, a vase or a cousin for example. Bright yellow goes wonderfully with navy blue or purple to play on complementary colors. We know the red and black kitchens, but we also dare the kitchen dressed in bright yellow. What could be better than starting 2021 with a warm and attractive color?




Pantone played on contrasts for 2021. In addition to luminous yellow, the other color of the year is gray, named by the American company Ultimate Gray. To justify its choice, Pantone indicates that this marriage of the two shades “transmits a message of strength, hope and resilience”. In our imagination, we can’t help but think that gray represents the particular and gloomy year 2020, while luminous yellow symbolizes a new lease of life and an ability to bounce back. The combination of these two colors is perfect for dressing rooms in your home. A gray sofa accompanied by yellow or blue cushions and throws is for example an effective combination to decorate your living room and energize it. Gray also finds its place on a coffee table or bedside table in the bedroom.

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To bring softness to our cocoon, we rely on beige, a safe bet in decoration. It brings both minimalism, softness and a soothing atmosphere. A characteristic that is not necessarily found with white or off-white. A strong point of beige, it finds its place in all rooms of the house and on many objects and accessories. You can find it on a macrame for a cheerful and chic atmosphere, on a rug, a blanket, a linen cushion … The walls can also be adorned with beige. Thanks to its neutral color, colored or black and white frames can decorate your walls, as can beautiful rattan mirrors for a refined and authentic atmosphere.




Warm and enveloping color, terracotta warms your interiors thanks to its color with ocher, brick and rust accents. We almost believe we are in Italy or Morocco. A nice way to travel from home. Terracotta, which means terracotta in Italian, has its place in a bedroom for a bewitching and voluptuous atmosphere via bed set or pretty armchairs. For the living room, we play on the nuances of terracotta, especially with the cushions. For an even more natural atmosphere, we associate terracotta with decorative wooden elements such as rattan armchairs, ceiling lights, or wicker baskets where you can store magazines for a reading break. For those who want to add color, terracotta goes well with khaki green, black and white.



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