classy living room under budget

5 ideas for a classy living room under budget

A classy living room does not have to fail because of the budget. Here are our best tips for a stylish home.

Home is a place to retreat, unwind and relax. This is why the living room, in particular, should receive more attention. If you are looking for ideas on how your living room can look more inviting and classy without a lot of effort (and without a lot of money), we have five tips for you that are very easy to implement.

1. Create a picture wall

Gallery walls are currently a big living trend ( we have already presented you with the best tips for implementation here ) and a great way to refine empty walls. You don’t have to invest in expensive works of art, for example, Amazon has a great selection of chic posters with a wide variety of prints.

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If you like the boho style, you can embellish your wall with trendy macrame pendants or tapestries. They are cheap and look great.

2. Match your interior to the color of the wall

A simple furnishing trick for a noble living room: Match your decoration to the wall color. This works best with simple cream, beige and gray tones. With vases, candles and cushion covers in the same color tones, the living room becomes a monochrome room that automatically looks classy and harmonious.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

3. Rethink spaces

You don’t necessarily have to invest in new pieces of furniture and decoration to make the living room look more elegant. Just inspect your bedroom or the kitchen and see if there aren’t any pieces that would fit better in the living room. This can be, for example, a wall clock, a stool or a special picture frame

Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

4. Exchange textiles

What works at the turn of the season also works if you spontaneously want to redecorate. Textiles such as cushion covers, plaids for the sofa, carpets or even curtains can be exchanged at lightning speed and fill a room with new life. Especially if your goal is to make the living room look more elegant, we recommend glamorous pieces such as cushion covers made of velvet or a deep-pile rug. Decoration such as golden picture frames and stylish coffee table books round off the concept.

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

5. Look for chic storage solutions

For the living room to look classy under budget, ​​it is essential that there is no chaos, but that everything has its place. That’s why chic storage space solutions are needed! How about a small stool with integrated storage space – you can also create an additional seat. Other options are coffee tables with storage space, technology such as consoles, cables, etc. can be organized in storage boxes. There is room for sofa covers rolled up in simple baskets.

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