Boho style This is how you bring hippie vibes into your home

Boho Style: This is how you bring hippie vibes into your home

The boho style has arrived in households for years and has radiated pure coziness ever since. We’ll show you how you can conjure up this look for your home. 

Away with the conventional and in with the unique. Anyone who is an absolute free spirit and loves the comfort of their own home is well served with the boho style. Because maximalism applies here. The saying “less is more” has no place in bohemian chic. However, there is plenty of room for fringes, ethnic patterns, patchwork, carpets, plants and much more. A definite must-have for your home is sufficient decorative material such as pillowcases. Whether in earthy beige or mixed with bright colors, they complete the boho-chic look with their fringes.

The perfect bohemian look for the living room

Boho, a style that has not only spread in the fashion sector, but also in the interior sector. In addition to coziness, the focus is primarily on freedom. Far removed from any rule as to how a house should be furnished so that it appears stylish. Because not only minimalism has style, boho can also be chic, especially in the living room.

As the room in which you spend cozy hours in the evening or at the weekend, it should be furnished with a lot of love. A sofa of natural colors can be perfectly paired with similar tones. Do you fancy colorful? No problem, because colors like mustard yellow, rust red or royal blue are definitely allowed. Here you should just make sure not to combine more than four contrasting colorings. The reason for this: Even if chaos is allowed, there should still be a concept behind your facility.

Bohemian dining room

Eating with style and a cozy ambiance can be wonderfully combined with the boho style. If you are still looking for the right pieces of furniture for this, we recommend a sturdy wooden table with a matching bench and a few chairs made of leather or imitation leather. You’ve taken the first step towards a bohemian vibe. The dining room or dining area can be decorated with small decorative items such as several tea lights, small green plants and individual small cushions. So that the walls don’t appear so bare, you can also use macramé decorations in addition to pictures from your travels or special moment selection. It gives the room a very special ambiance.

Warm colors are known to be a must for the right bohemian feeling. That’s why you’re welcome to use rattan or golden metal lamps for the right lamp for your dining area. The warm tones are reflected by the light bulbs and distributed throughout the room to create a pleasant atmosphere in which you can relax.

Sleep boho style

Speaking of relaxation, where better to relax than in the bedroom? After all, it is there especially to leave the stress of the day behind and to go to sleep relaxed. In order to pick up on the flair of the boho here, almost everything is allowed. A bed made of wood is best suited as a bed frame, which you can decorate with a coarse chain of lights, for example. What should not be missing, of course, are curtains. For those of you who like it a little lighter, we recommend linen curtains. If you would like it to be a little darker in the room, curtains made of velvet or velour are ideal.

In order for a bedroom to radiate the necessary coziness, a carpet is worthwhile. Here you can orientate yourself on the vintage style or choose a Persian carpet, with or without fringes. They always work anyway, whether on the carpet, cushions, blankets or wall decoration.

What works in the living room and dining room is also allowed in the bedroom: plants. Here a monstera, there a golden palm tree, and a cactus is also happy about its use in your home. The advantage: Plants not only visually liven up the room, they also clean the air in your home.

Boho style bathroom

Your bathroom should be given just as much attention as the other rooms when setting up the bohemian look. There are plenty of ways to play with the look of the furniture. Because here we come back to our beloved rattan. The type of wood simply has a certain charm that can also be sprayed in the bathroom. Choose a model that matches the towel rack or tall bathroom cabinet as the base cabinet for your washbasin. Next comes the choice of towels, where ethnic patterns are particularly suitable. If you also want to place plants here, macrame hanging baskets are the ideal choice. So you have enough space on the floor for your furniture and you can enjoy your beautiful plants at eye level.

Boho style for outdoors

Whether on the balcony or terrace, you should be well prepared for summer days and nights. In addition to comfortable lounge furniture such as a small armchair or a self-made sofa made of wooden pallets, the accessories also play a major role. A macrame wall decoration or hardy palm trees refine the boho style image.

What is boho style?

Some of you may still be wondering what boho style even means. Boho is an abbreviation for bohemian or bohème in French, a movement against a rigid society. This initiative began as early as the 19th century and was to really flare up again, especially in the 1970s. Hence the synonym hippie chic. After all, hippies were known for their rebellion against certain demands of society. Since then, the bohemian style has not only been in the closet but also outside. Rattan, macrame, fringes and pattern mixes are the absolute essentials in the bohemian style and should therefore not be missing in your home. What perfects the look are enough plants.

After all, “down to earth” is not only used in the color selection. This is how you express your connection with nature with your decoration. What also contributes to the boho vibe alongside plants, macrame and ethno fairy lights. It doesn’t matter whether you use small light bulbs, large ones or even both. The main thing is that you work with lots of warm light sources. The great thing about it: you can turn the fairy lights into illuminated photo walls and thus tastefully decorate bare walls.

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