Black and White Kitchen

19 Inspirations for a Black and White Kitchen without Losing The Charm

White and black in a kitchen: a marriage of opposing neutral colors

It’s interesting how the use of two simple colors – white and black – can instantly create interiors that are as dramatic as they are exquisite. Black and white are two colors that together form a bold decoration.

A black and white kitchen is a classic style that will never be dated, making it a perfect choice for those who don’t feel like constantly changing the look of their home.

While contemporary purple or red kitchens may not be trendy overnight, white and black kitchens manage to keep up with the times and have been for decades.

However, creating and decorating a kitchen in black and white is not that simple. It’s not enough to bring black and white furniture and accessories together in one room. The combination of the two colors can create all kinds of kitchen styles: from glamor to retro to minimalism and the most traditional. Today you can find countless ideas for the monochromatic makeover of your kitchen!

Modern kitchens today are more than just places to cook and serve food. With the growing popularity of open living spaces, the kitchen is quickly becoming an extension of the living room and social space to accommodate friends and family. Black and white colors come in handy when arranging these versatile kitchens that blend perfectly with the living room and dining room. By using monochromatic colors, you can be sure that your kitchen will stand out.

Black and white allow you to design a kitchen that will easily adapt to the rest of the house. Contemporary and minimalist kitchens today are perfect for using black and white. But if you prefer a kitchen with a more vintage or retro style, these colors will easily do the trick. The adaptability of black and white kitchens means that they will remain trendy through different eras!

Decorating with black and white, however, doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the different hues. There are many tones of white and black. Anthracite can easily be substituted for black and cream color for white. Be creative and don’t be afraid to use multiple types of black or white. You can also add small touches of color that vary according to the seasons. A green accessory in spring or red and gold during the holiday season. Black and white kitchens give you the perfect neutral backdrop, your colorful additions will instantly stand out

It is important to find the right balance between black and white when decorating your kitchen in these tones. The amount of each color depends on the style you are looking for but also other factors such as the size or the brightness in your kitchen. A small kitchen with a lot of blacks can very quickly become dull and stuffy. Remember that a harmonious balance does not mean using the same amount of black and white! In most cases, it is best to use white as the dominant color and black as the color that highlights and will draw attention to specific elements.

Although lighting is always important in a kitchen, it is even more so in a monochrome kitchen. Opt for beautiful suspensions or spots that will highlight your special and original kitchen.

How to decorate a black and white kitchen?

For a classic kitchen, the combination of black and white is the ideal choice. In this idea of ​​designing a chic and sober-friendly space, we adopt white on the walls to illuminate the room a little more and give a feeling of space. Black is reserved for furniture: the worktop, the island if you have an island kitchen and the dining table. These two tones are often enhanced by the stainless steel found on the hood, on the taps and on household robots.

On the ground, for a little originality, we put on the cement tiles or a tile that alternates between black tile and white tile. If you want a totally classic look, you opt for white tiles, old parquet or concrete floors.

19 black and white kitchen inspirations to make the right choice

1. Loft room black and white kitchen

© Nicolas Millet

2. A modern black and white kitchen

Guillaume Gaudet

3. A black and white kitchen under the roof

Mark Eden Schooley

4. A graphic black and white kitchen

Germain Suignard

5. Black and white kitchen with a glass wall

© Philippe Harden

6. Black and white kitchen enhanced by a graphic splashback

© Goal

7. A black and white kitchen powered by a modern pendant light

Benedict Ausset

8. A white kitchen with a black bar

cuisine-noire-et-blanche-nm-5161373Nicolas Mathews

9. Light pink and black kitchen with spotlights on the worktop


10. White kitchen and black studded windows

LUNA kitchen – Brico Dépôt

11. A black kitchen with touches of white

Nicolas matheus

12. A white and black kitchen with yellow accent

Romain Ricard

13. A long kitchen in black and white

Frédéric vasseur

14. A black and white family kitchen with a dining space

Francis Amiand

15. A very bright black and white kitchen

Box Management Mai-Linh

16. Black and white kitchen with a rug

© Ikea

17. A black and white kitchen enhanced with lights coming from the window

Emmanuel Barbe

18. Brick brings a lot of warmth to the kitchen

black and white kitchen
Louise Kitchen – GOAL

19. Decorative objects and accessories that will break the “laboratory” effect

Ixina kitchen model Implus Ciera

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