How to Choose Best Wicker Baskets in 2021

How to Choose Best Wicker Baskets in 2021

It is an essential accessory when you want to have a picnic, do your shopping or even store your laundry. Wicker baskets are renowned for their strength and their particularly attractive aesthetic side. To choose one, you will need to have the correct methods and addresses, so you will not leave any chance for disappointment when opening the package. To help you in your quest for the best wicker basket, we have prepared a small buying guide, as well as a comparison that will already give you a little idea of ​​which one is best for you.

How to choose a good wicker basket?

More and more brands have now entered this sector of activity, which makes it difficult to distinguish the good baskets from the bad ones, especially if you have never bought one. With the tips we offer in this buying guide for the best wicker baskets, you can be sure to find the right one for you.

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Purchase guide


Before looking for where to buy a new wicker basket, it is best to first define what you want to do with it. You will not make the same choice for a family outing, to do your shopping or to keep certain things.

This type of basket is ideal for bike rides, car rides or on foot. It is strong and can support all the weight needed for a good family meal. In some cases, you will be able to see this type of little advice on price comparison. Indeed, you should know that the more versatile a basket can be, the more likely it is to be a little more expensive than the other items in its range.

For everyday use, we recommend that you invest in a basket that is both light and strong. The advantage of wicker baskets is that you can naturally combine ease and style.


When we think of a wicker basket, we often tend to think that it is only the size that differentiates the models offered by the various brands. However, and luckily for consumers, there are several types of baskets available on the market.

The main difference lies in their general shape. Some are “standard”, while others may have a more original style, especially those which are of the “suitcase” type. These are mainly used for large families or those who need a lot of space to carry all their belongings in the same basket.

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There are also those which are specially designed for bicycles, their balance has been worked out so that you do not have any problems with stability along the way. In terms of size, you will have to demarcate your needs to start and choose according to that, there is one for two, four or even six people.

Straps Material

Before you focus on how to buy a better value wicker basket, your best bet is to see this last point. Straps are one of the most important elements in the structure of a basket. There are several possibilities at the level of their location alone. Some are placed on top to keep the same position during transport, which is convenient to avoid spilling the sauces.

Leather and wicker are two materials that must be present in the manufacture of a traditional basket designed for the picnic. If you want to carry on this tradition and invest in authenticity, you can turn to these little wonders. Some brands choose faux leather on a few of their baskets to ensure good strength while saving you a higher price tag. Also in this register, you can find cotton straps for a little touch of originality.

The average price of wicker baskets varies between 9 euros, for the simplest, and almost 80 euros for those intended to carry a meal and cutlery for several people.

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How to use a wicker basket?

Wicker is a natural material that gives a lot of charm to the rooms where it is located. Several are the possibilities of use offered by this object. In case you don’t know them when you have several wicker baskets in your home, this article is for you. Through each line, you will discover an even more interesting use of this very aesthetic container.

Identify the treatments undergone by your basket

It is true that above, we promised to show you all the possible uses of the wicker basket. But before we get to that, it is first of all important that you know what types of processing your object have undergone. Indeed, to keep a beautiful appearance, this material is often treated or varnished. Normally, in its technical sheet, you will see all this information. You must have them in hand so that you can better handle the object.

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Use your basket as a decoration or storage element

These baskets are available in different sizes and shapes. Their use will then depend on this general appearance. For storage, for example, you will need a model with a fairly wide opening and a fairly deep body. In it, place all your cushions or even your clean linens. It will then automatically become an important piece of decoration for your interior. Above all, do not put it next to a basket made from another material. This would give a result that is too busy for the visual.

Install your plants inside the basket

The medium-sized basket models with a large depth can be used as a plant pot or as a pot. But an installation is required for this second option. Before using it as a flowerpot, first check if its size really matches the size of the container you are going to put in it. In case you really want to plant in this container, be sure to install a layer of plastic at the base first and then pebbles. It is only after that you can pour the potting soil inside before placing the plant there.

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Bring style to your table

We have already seen some of the techniques for using the wicker basket. But there is one more possibility that remains. This option is only suitable for elongated, shallow wicker baskets. The goal here is that you use it as a storage object for your cutlery or as a presentation for your bread when you are at the table. But before placing these objects inside, always place a towel at the bottom of the container.

Never use this object for cooking

If you like to steam with bamboo baskets or baskets made from natural materials, do not think about this possibility when it comes to your wicker baskets. As we have already said above, these containers go through chemical treatments before arriving at your home. The taste of your food will then be affected by all these additives.

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