19 Masculine Bedroom Ideas for Men

19 Masculine Bedroom Ideas for Men

What are the features of the interior of the bedroom for men?

When designing a bedroom for a man, it is important to understand that in this case, you will not be able to do everything like a copy. It is important to take into account that every person has their own preferences, character and sense of style.

In a room design project that follows standard rules and fashion trends, it is important not to neglect the originality and uniqueness of a person and their own bedroom. This shouldn’t be just a room, but a real joy for the soul.

However, we are obliged to give you some basic rules that are followed not only by professionals in the field of design but also by the male representatives themselves.

  • The minimum amount of decor.
  • Lots of freedom.
  • Strict designs in cool colors.
  • The laconicism of the furniture and the overall decor

The main differences between the interior of the male bedroom and that of the female

Most young people in the twenty-first century remain committed to simplicity and conciseness. They do not like the abundance of textiles, lace and bright elements.

The simplicity of the forms with maximum functionality at the same time. Everything in the room should have a function. Otherwise, what is this thing for?

Notice! We’re not trying to offend anyone. We’re just addressing the general differences between most men’s and women’s rooms, based not only on the opinion of many designers, but also on representatives of both sexes. Exceptions to the “generally accepted unwritten rules” are perfectly normal and acceptable.

5 preferred styles for a masculine space

Before arranging a bedroom for a man, you need to decide on the room’s main style. Most often, designers offer their clients the following styles: high-tech, minimalism, loft, art deco, classic modern. Now we are going to go into more detail about the most popular men’s style trends.

The minimalist men’s bedroom

Minimalism came to us from the land of the rising sun – Japan. The Japanese, as you know, are very reserved people who transfer this characteristic to the interior of their small apartments. The simplicity of the lines, two, a maximum of three, the colors in the palette, natural materials, the desire for maximum lighting are the parameters that are intrinsic to this style.

It is also worth paying attention to the minimum of furniture. It’s literally a bed, a bedside table or two, simple lamps, and a spacious wardrobe. That’s all the modern pragmatic young man needs.

A touch of high-tech in the men’s room

High-tech combined with classic wood or stone – that is a stylistic high-tech trend.

Smooth shapes of glass fittings in black, simple straight shapes in furniture, in which wood and metal are found, textiles in understandable and simple colors.

Bedroom for men in a maritime style

The marine theme is perfect for a young man who is no stranger to the romantic mood and spirit of hiking. Stylish furniture made of light wood, wooden floors, lamps throughout the room, large windows with very light curtains and tulle are used.

Decorative elements emphasize the style of the room: shells and various landscapes, original figures, globes. This room design is more suitable for young people.

Color schemes for a young and mature man’s bedroom

The world’s leading interior designers argue that most often modern men choose from all proposed design projects where there are colors that can push apart and expand the walls in the space of the bedroom.

This is entirely due to the fact that, through his temperament, a man seeks more freedom, not only in his life but also in the personal space of the bedroom. However, the tendency to choose such a color scheme is evident in the design of bedrooms and in general in any room of a bachelor house.

At the same time, however, young and already mature men also tend to choose dark tones for room design. For example gray, strong coffee color or centuries-old oak bark, black, wine and emerald.

Designers are often dissatisfied with such a gloomy color scheme because then a cozy if the courageous resting place can easily turn into a dark, cold grave tomb. In order to avoid such situations and only emphasize the contrasts with the dark, calm main color, the design masters resort to a tricky method: they add several bright elements to the interior.

For example, it can be purple pillows, neon photo frames, an extravagant yellow armchair. Don’t forget the bedside table with bright elements.

Choosing furniture for the male bedroom

The basic rule of arranging a room for half the human race of a man, and not just one man, is the minimum number of furniture elements.

For example, the bed should be large and spacious and have a good and resilient, preferably orthopedic, mattress so that you can rest well after a hard day at work. However, it is quite possible to install a stylish sofa instead, which when folded takes up little space and thus frees up a lot of space.

The built-in wardrobe or a separate dressing room is usually suitable for storing items of clothing. Lockers can be stored in closets, and even shoes can fit in a wardrobe. Bedside tables also have a place to be. They can contain accessories, chargers, documents, and other important little things.

Suspended shelves are allowed, on which the necessary little things are.

19 Men’s Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Loft style

Image: homemodish.com

Black & White

Image: dianashome.tumblr.com

Top dog

Image: bloglet.com

Modern chic

Image: myfancyhouse.com

Street art

Image: trypei.com

Puristic elegance

Image: housearchitectura.com

Easy chic

Image: home-designing.com


Image: aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.ch

Modern chic

Image: imoutsidelookin.tumblr.com


Image: vosgesparis.com

Creative chaos

Image: home-designing.com

Rock and roll

Image: fedorova.ru

Pure luxury

Image: myfancyhouse.com

Cozy chic

Image: decorlove.tumblr.com

Pure nature

Image: ideas79.org

Factory charm

Image: imoutsidelookin.tumblr.com

Cuddle zone

Image: decorlove.tumblr.com

Italian design

Image: decorlove.com

Holla the forest fairy!

Image: decorlove.tumblr.com

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