Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas to make you feel good

Bathroom decoration gives the room a feel-good character. We show which colors are suitable and how they can be made homely despite the limited space.

Bathroom decoration

We often make sure that our living room is cozy and that we have a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. We often neglect the bathroom, even though we spend time there every day. Even a little decoration creates a cozy ambiance. We have collected ideas for you on how you can best design and decorate your bathroom.

Bathroom decoration: which colors?

Regardless of whether as wall paint or as accents with accessories: colors turn a room into a real oasis of well-being.

  • Sand tones convey something warming. Beige colors with white furniture have a beneficial effect and also look very elegant.
  • Green tones exude freshness and liveliness. Dark green tones, on the other hand, have a calming effect. With dark colors, there must be plenty of daylight!
  • Even blues act (such. As turquoise) invigorating and spread a feeling of freshness.
  • A color concept in black and white gives depth and lets white furniture in particular shine.

Lighting also plays an important role:  depending on the time of day, we need different lights in the bathroom. In the morning to get ready, we need a lot of daylight or bright artificial light. If there is no daylight in your bathroom, you can easily remedy this with an illuminated mirror. It’s not only practical but also very, very pretty! In the evening, the light can be a little warmer, which can be implemented with indirect lighting and creates an environment for relaxation. Ideally, the bathroom has several light sources that can be dimmed.

Bathroom decoration to hang on

Especially with a small room, we need fresh ideas for storing bathroom accessories. The little space can best be used with decoration for hanging. Boxes, baskets or narrow shelves offer plenty of space for towels and the like. Plants in small vases or in hanging macrame flower pots that do not steal valuable storage space.

Bad decoration to put down

Small decorative elements are often enough to spice up the bathroom. On the one hand, soap dispensers are more sustainable than plastic dispensers from drugstores. On the other hand, they are often available in a set with utensils such as a toothbrush holder or cotton swab holder. The colors can be found several times in the room and perfectly pick up on the color concept.

Liquid soap is not a must. Bar soap made yourself or bought, also looks very elegant in the bathroom.

Candles and lights create a feel-good atmosphere everywhere, why should that be any different in the bathroom? Combined with the popular maritime theme, it takes us – at least a little – back to our last beach vacation.

In a small bathroom, in particular, things can quickly look cluttered because there is simply not enough space. Order is brought about by an étagère, which makes excellent use of the available space (with several levels ): there is space for all kinds of bathroom accessories, are close at hand and look simply adorable!

A ladder shelf is a fantastic idea with a little more space: towels, plants, decorative accessories and much more fit on it.

Room fragrance does not have to stick to the wall as an unsightly plastic dispenser. The room fragrance can also be stylishly staged:

Bathroom Decoration: Textiles and Pictures

As in the bedroom or living room, the same applies to the bathroom: Textiles make rooms really cozy. A white fur rug is of course useless in the bathroom, but patterned or colored bathroom rugs make the otherwise rather cool bathroom much more homely (and fluffy ones, too!). The interplay with candles, wooden elements or posters creates a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

shower curtain offers a lot of space for designs and patterns to the bath to give the necessary whistle with its large area.

Do you live in a rented apartment and therefore cannot choose the tiles the way you would like? If you still want to beautify your unloved and boring white tilesstick-on decorative tiles are the best solution. As many and as colorful as you like!

Summary of decoration ideas: You should pay attention to this

  • color concept creates a harmonious interplay
  • Multiple light sources cater to the different needs of the day
  • Plants in the bathroom are healthy and break up the cool look
  • Posters, slogans and decorative tiles provide an individual touch
  • Textiles and wooden elements make the room appear warmer

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